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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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Melinda_in_NC wrote: So--now that it's been about a month, how is the maintenance going? Please keep checking in on this thread so we can collectively bask in your glory.

Awww, thank you for's been a bit of a month, actually!! (You may regret asking! lol)

I've taken a break from fasting and have been 16:8'ing twice a week. It will indeed be one calendar month tomorrow since I hit target and I'm delighted to report that as of this morning the scales said that I am 137lbs (9 stone, 11 lbs or 62.14 kilos) so 2 lbs under my original target. To be honest, I'm more proud of this, than for losing the weight in the first place as I have spent years yo-yo'ing and in the past I would have started to slowly re-gain already now.

The first week was fine, I found it hard to relax and eat a little more so that I would stop losing and then suddenly I was hit by the most massive carb cravings as autumn really hit! I assumed this was evolution wanting me to take on reserves for the "times of scarcity ahead", so I resisted temptation. However, I really had to battle hunger pangs - far worse and constant than any fast day so I did some research and changed my WOE again. As of last weekend I have swapped to a low-carb, high fat diet. It's a kind of Atkins/Paleo mix, but to suit my own needs, I'm not being as restrictive on the carbs as Atkins because of my running. I've also cut right back on the sugar as sugar + fat is not a good combo either. I'm still weighing daily and logging everything on MFP - and it is shocking to see the increase in calories due to the fat contents, but actually, I've LOST weight this week! Cutting down on the sugar made me a right grumpy cow for the first 3 or 4 days but it is easing up now and for the first time in a VERY long while, yesterday, I ate my lunch and felt full all afternoon! It was wonderful.....

Now something else occurred to me today. Around three weeks ago, I started running further. I'd been a 5k'er and I upped my distance to 10k. For running the body prefers carbs as energy (think glycogen reserves) So now I'm wondering whether my cravings really were associated with my body craving the energy for the running, which I mistook for the change in the weather, which just happened to coincide around that time. I've been out for a couple of longer runs this week, since I reduced my carb intake on Saturday and I've really struggled with fatigue. Apparently it takes 2-3 weeks for the body to realise that it has to start burning fat when the carb reserves aren't there but I really do feel that carbs are the "bad guys" when mixed with fat.

The bottom line is that I'm not really looking to lose any more weight, but I AM looking for a way to feel full. I need to find a WOE that suits my body and my lifestyle, but is still healthy and sustainable long-term. Maybe it still needs "tweaking" to incorporate running... it's too early to say. But in the meantime I'm still under my target and that... at the end of the day... is the BEST news :grin:
Wow, what an inspirational maintenance story, Domane - fantastic - so very happy for you!!!!!
No, I don't regret asking. I'm glad to hear your first month's results. Losing 2 pounds on maintenance? Unheard of! :-)

I am also a runner, although probably nowhere near as much as you. I do weekend 5Ks and I'm good if I get another run in during the week. I do play a lot of singles tennis, however (2-3 days a week). That is going to slow down now, though, as winter approaches. So anyway, I was curious to see how you relate running to carb and fat intake. Very interesting.

Anyway, don't deprive yourself too much. You don't want to fall off the bandwagon! Have fun, enjoy yourself, and you are doing GREAT.
Wow how fantastic. And the critics say it doesn't work!! I hope you are very proud of yourself :heart: :like: :smile:
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