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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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This morning I hit target! *gulp* Now I have to go onto maintenance which is uncharted territory for me as I've always re-gained in the past. However, this time I lost my weight through 5:2 and calorie counting, whereas in the past I have always done it sticking with carb-laden days via Slimming World. By swapping to CC I learned about portion size, I also ditched white carbs for complex ones... and reduced my intake of those drastically too. I also took up running this year, for the first time in my 50 years - which I absolutely LOVE and intend to stick with too (I've actually just joined our local gym so that I can use the treadmill over winter and I am SO enjoying trying out all the machines!!) And then, of course, there is dear old 5:2 which I am sticking with for the health benefits which I hope will see me through later life.

I've lost 45lbs (three stone three pounds) and gone from a tight size 16 to a loose 10. I'm quite chuffed that I think I'd set myself the right target too as the last pound has taken a fortnight to lose, whereas I'd been losing at a rate of 2 a week prior to that. Nine stone thirteen has a good ring to it and I think my body is saying "This is right for us, stop now"....

See you all in "Maintenance" *waves*

My before and after shot....

Can't think of anything to say other than a gargantuan WOW!!!! Thank you for posting such an inspirational story. The slimming 'industry' must hate you, not a slimming program in sight!!!! :lol:
Wow, you look great! Good luck in maintenance. I hope to join you there soon!!
Wow, you look amazing! Congratulations!
It is very inspiring to see someone who has done it!
Please keep posting from maintenance land...
Welcome to maintenance - very well done!
WOW! You look phenomenal! Well done on all your loss hun, and I wish you all the best in maintenance xx
Now that is deeply, deeply inspiring for a Tuesday morning. You look absolutely fantastic. Well done too with the running. Congratulations :star: :star: :handshake: :handshake: :dance: :dance:
Well done - another success! Good luck in maintaining!
Welcome to the maintenance room, glad to see it's getting a bit crowded in here.CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DONE, YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!

The next stage is just begining :cool:

Ballerina x :heart:
50? You're 50? You certainly look a LOT younger, fitter and healthier. Well done you!
My goal is to lose 45lbs (and I have the last 4 to shift - and they are stubborn!).
I have really been inspired by reading your story and seeing your photos.
Thank you for posting x
You look totally awsome! Such an inspiration!! :like:
Congrats - you look great and what an achievement!
Wow, you look fantastic, well done!!
Congratulations on your achievement, you look fantastic.
Oh that is brilliant,and you look fantastic! Well done xx
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