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Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 11:05
Mine's horrible. I'm not talking just a bit of a wobbly tummy, I'm talking a pouch hanging off the front of me (sorry if that's too much information it really isn't pretty).

And it bothers me more the more I lose, as it becomes looser. If it wasn't there I'm sure I would be a size smaller in jeans. I'm doing exercises (just back from Pilates after a three week break, gonna hurt tomorrow!!) but there is not a chance in hell that the skin with shrink back.

So what to do? I don't suppose there is any chance of a tummy tuck on the NHS (though I will try, think I will deserve something losing all this weight "on my own").

I know I have plenty more to go still, but it's getting me down.

Anyone else? Any thoughts?

Re: Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 11:08
Definitely something to enquire with your GP about - as I understand it the requirements vary by area of the country and in some areas a BMI of under 30 will get you a tummy tuck and in others you have to be down to the healthy weight range. Sometimes if you can prove it is causing depression or other psychological symptoms I believe they may be more inclined to help.

Re: Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 11:16
Hmm, reading the NHS website and posts on there I don't think I will have much hope of getting it. But I will try!

It will have to be done though, best start saving now...
Re: Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 12:04
Do talk to your GP, if (s)he willing to help you getting it, you will have more chances.
In the meantime, save money just in case you have to do it on your own and also try to firm your skin. If creams seem expensive, there's nothing better than cold water!
Re: Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 12:27
In the meantime try callanetics, there is a small series of tummy exercises which are excellent for slack tummy muscles, the movements are tiny but very effective. It will give you some improvement perhaps whilst you wait for surgery if that is what you decide to do.
Re: Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 16:18
Hi Swedey,

Look at it this way, would you rather have a bit of loose skin and be healthy or would you rather be fat? Thought so! Bet you look fab, keep going and learn to love that wobble and just think of it as you weight loss medal,

Ballerina x
Re: Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 17:18
No, really, it's already more than just a bit of a wobble of loose skin. It's a large fold starting on my hips. Just been to swimming pool, and though it feels great being a couple of stone lighter, I didn't feel happy about it.
Re: Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 17:57
I'm worried I may end up with something similar, I'm sure I'm getting slacker as I lose weight and strangely it makes me feel fatter as I wobble and hang more in rolls instead of smooth lump of fat! That sounds delightful and I'm hoping my slow weight loss might help my skin shrink back but I may just be kidding myself! Have you lost very quickly? Might have to invest in some supportive undergarment to hold it all in! I hear your pain.
Re: Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 18:01
Hi Swedey
I don't think you can get it done on the NHS now. I seem to remember a lot of uproar on hubby's SW consultants forum about it. They may consider it for anyone who gets repeated problems though so I would be sure and bug your GP at any hint of a sweat rash or soreness. That way you have it on record that you have problems rather than just quietly dealing with it yourself.

I would give it serious thought though and give it time to reduce on its own. When the NHS were doing the ops you had to have mainbtained at target for two years before they would consider surgery. Its not as straight forward as people think and I know of several people who have had serious bleeding issues and infections after having loose skin removed. The network of blood vessels that supported the fat remains behind for quite some time so best not to rush into it.
Re: Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 18:06
Hi Mariposa
I know what you mean! To start with I lost mostly around my body and it all seems to have toned up quite well so far. Recently I noticed its going off my thighs and the tops of my arms and this time it looks horrid! Its going in patches so I look really lumpy and mishapen. Just hoping that a body brush with a firming lotion and some extra exercise will even it up or I'm destined for long sleeves and trousers for ever!
Re: Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 18:16
Oooo...body brushing! I shall get going on that! Excellent idea, thank you!
Re: Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 18:32
Firming creams DO work to a point. Since firming needs cold, it's really easy to make a cream that creates cold on the skin.
I too thought of the idea of some kind of supportive undergarments. I use them when I'm wearing very light summer dresses.
I suggest either M&S or DKNY, depending on your budget. SPANX are also very good! I also bought a very nice body shape leggings from Primark. They make me look gooooood!!!
Re: Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 18:44
My mother lost a lot of weight (75lbs) a few years back, she says the longer she keeps it off the tighter the loose skin gets, both on her upper arms and on her belly. She is 75 years old. I have read in other places that this does happen. She lives in Florida and uses swimsuits that have body shaping qualities like SPANX and she also makes use of body shapers under her garments.
Re: Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 19:32
I think its so wrong that you cant get it done on the NHS as you are helping yourself by losing the weight also they do gastric band ops ,I know the NHS is stretched but I do think its deserved more than a gastric band or bypass ,
Re: Excess skin......
23 Apr 2013, 19:38
Here in Greece the system is unbelievably stupid. They do gastric bands, they do OVERALL plastic surgery to very fat people but they don't do tummy tacks.

IMO, it is more important to give a tummy tack to someone who did all the effort to lose weight than to reward someone who is denying to lose weight by a full body plastic surgery.
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