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Re: The ADF Tent
29 Jan 2014, 10:05
Yep, me too! We were supposed to go to Antarctica for my 50th but have had to put it off. Bali is lovely if you can find a quiet corner so it should be relaxing. We are off to Alaska and Canada in June for a bit of cold weather practise!! I CAN look like a whale there, all rugged up :lol:
Re: The ADF Tent
29 Jan 2014, 12:07
I've not been doing it (adf) long enough to have a trend line! I only started using the true weight app yesterday. My tracker on here has been very erratically updated since I found the forum last April :oops: I could get it re-set I guess...

Ho hum. I know I'm doing it as per the rule book and it takes time to show I guess.

Funny thing today: I don't feel like eating much, which is novel. Not sure whether that's an automatic dieters response to a gain, ADF shrinking my stomach, or feeling a bit under the weather.
Re: The ADF Tent
29 Jan 2014, 13:41
Goods news folks. Two weeks here nearly trying to establish base camp and tried on a pair of white jeans last night that were bigger than I thought on me. I don't have any scales or tape yet so found this quite reassuring! So just fasting when I could seems to be working fasting today :lol:
Re: The ADF Tent
29 Jan 2014, 16:28
I wasn't too bad yesterday actually @Debs.

This morning I must admit I am up early as my tummy was grumbling all morning and the sounds woke me haha!! Again not that hungry though - going to do a quick workout on the treadmill then my weigh in! Cant wait!
Re: The ADF Tent
29 Jan 2014, 17:41
So just did weigh in and for the past 2 days (fast/feast) I lost 500 grams (1.1 Pound)

I found I lost 300 grams (0.66 Pound) more by doing the fitness than I did without - although this is only one log entry so it may just be a coincidence.
Re: The ADF Tent
29 Jan 2014, 18:16
I propose a name change!

Alternate Day Feasting - who likes the sound of that better haha
Re: The ADF Tent
29 Jan 2014, 22:44
I'm toying with the idea of joining you all in the ADF tent - is there room?

Husband is away for the next couple of weeks (home for the weekend), so would be easy to try for a week and see how I get on. I will continue to stalk the ADF tent and perhaps take the plunge next week - although I normally fast on Sunday, so I guess that may as well be my first fast.

Although I normally save my 500cals for an evening meal, I am quite liking the idea of a lunchtime meal, maybe something to trial?? Mind you, I sometimes don't eat at all as like Debs I fidn this awakens the Hunger Monster.
Re: The ADF Tent
29 Jan 2014, 22:48
Why not @Badgirl666, you have nothing to lose. Oh yes you have!! :wink: Join us losers in the ADF tent and see how you go!
Just sneaked a cheeky bacon roll from the canteen and feeling naughty, but the trend is lurching downwards. I shall be good and carb free for the rest of the day now. Honest guv!!
Re: The ADF Tent
29 Jan 2014, 22:57
Boo hoo. Done my calories for the day. :cry: :cry:
Bulletproof coffee
Evolution juice (organic sweet greens and ginger)
Re: The ADF Tent
29 Jan 2014, 23:00
@rawkaren - it must be about 3pm there? Is that you finished food-wise for the day?? :shock:
Re: The ADF Tent
29 Jan 2014, 23:09
Indeed I am. I was pretty used to fasting at the front end of the day when I was not working, but this might be different! I'm about to go to a meeting and providing I can drive home without feeling weird, I will probably be ok. I probably have a few calories left for salad in lemon juice if I'm desparate when I get home!
Re: The ADF Tent
29 Jan 2014, 23:47
Feeling weird driving + those multilane freeways + four way junctions does not sound good Karen! Hope you get back ok, and not hungry!
Re: The ADF Tent
30 Jan 2014, 09:04
Stop toying @Badgirl666 (blimey, the devil!) and jump onboard the fast train to slimness. Oh, ok, it's not that fast...but it's determined. It'll get there in the end :-)

Bean :confused:
Re: The ADF Tent
30 Jan 2014, 09:22
Alright Alternate Day Feaster's I was feeling brave this evening so asked the scales how I was doing... This is what happened next..

(22.04 KiB) Downloaded 98 times

I really cant get over how steep that line is when I changed Diets - To me that speaks for it self **Points at all those watching this board with intent but not taking action**

Re: The ADF Tent
30 Jan 2014, 09:32
Glad I'm not the only one who went crazy at Christmas Tim!!

Yes, I think you're right...the EOD keeps you on an even keel doesn't it. I give you full marks...but keep up the good work!

Bean :geek:
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