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Re: Forum Fixes
05 Jun 2014, 18:03
Drat, it's gone back to skulking at the top of the page again :0(
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Re: Forum Fixes
05 Jun 2014, 19:33
Hi @Azureblue. Are you having problems with the login? If so, please could you tell me what is happening and what device you are using. Feel free to post here or email me at Thanks.
Re: Forum Fixes
05 Jun 2014, 20:02
Hi Jason. It's not the login, for a change, it's the post-thumbs-up-selected return to relevant thanked comment, instead it just returns to the top of the page. I'm on iPad. Ta duck :0)
Re: Forum Fixes
05 Jun 2014, 20:55
Thanks for the feedback - sorry to hear the thumbs up isn't working - but glad to hear the login is.
Hopefully with that fixed we can move onto some of the other bugs, thumbs up added to the list.
Re: Forum Fixes
05 Jun 2014, 21:59
Nothings changed @fast_jason No pop up box to login with I have to "click" on post reply to any post to gain access to forum then as usual email address and password::: as before I'm on android tablet.
Re: Forum Fixes
05 Jun 2014, 22:33
Only a minor niggle, but any chance of getting the average weekly weight loss back on the trackers pretty please? As well as being good to know, it might help others see what rate they can expect to lose. It also helps to see if you're on track, if you've had a big loss then a plateau. Cheers.
Re: Forum Fixes
06 Jun 2014, 00:05
I'm still going in circles on my android tablet. The pop up asks me to renew my password. I tell it I've already done it and try to login with my email and password but the pop up appears again. Maddening as it was working up till Wednesday
Re: Forum Fixes
06 Jun 2014, 04:51

I now seem to be on a beta version
Re: Forum Fixes
06 Jun 2014, 06:01
Hmmm I had beta on my ipad as well - different but I don't know what it means.
And to add to Azureblues comment about the font colour and size.
I know I've gone on about it! After eye surgery I'm now able to use my computer and iPad at normal size for the websites I regularly use, and when I come to fast day, I have to make it much bigger. 3 of (cmd + )
on mac. The font and colour just isn't accessible.
Re: Forum Fixes
06 Jun 2014, 06:24
It's beta on my android tablet as well.
Re: Forum Fixes
06 Jun 2014, 06:31
And on my iPad
Re: Forum Fixes
06 Jun 2014, 07:21
Hubs says that Beta is a trial system software, as in alpha etc. presumably it's not the final version.

Ballerina x :heart:
Re: Forum Fixes
06 Jun 2014, 09:13
"Search" is not working at all for me today. Temporary, I hope???
Re: Forum Fixes
06 Jun 2014, 14:27
Hi @fast_jason, my login has gone :confused: . Same as sue.q, I have to go to 'post reply' to login. I'm on my pc, windows vista (i think) if that's what you need to know. Also as I'm here I may as well tell you when I've got the forum on half screen the slide thing at the bottom has not been there since the change over. Is there any way you could put it back as I have to go full screen to click on 'active topics' etc as can't slide left. Thanks
Edit: Also menu at top right and search not working :(
Re: Forum Fixes
06 Jun 2014, 21:39
my login thingy is back and the menu and search are now working fine. Just need to be able to slide left and all will be perfect for me. Thanks :)

Edit: just seen the things I'm looking for at the bottom of the page . Sorry I never go right to the bottom past the reply box, no need to slide left now.. Now all is perfect for me. Thanks :)
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