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Which days do you fast?

I vary my days most weeks
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Re: What days do you fast?
23 Apr 2014, 12:22
Hi everyone. I've been fasting on Monday and Thursday, but I'm going to try Friday this week instead. I'm just finding that I can go too far off the rails at the weekend, and 3 days of this can add up! I have much better control in the week when I'm at work.
Re: What days do you fast?
23 Apr 2014, 12:46
@frizzbomb ypur name makes me chuckle! How did you come up with it! X
Welcome to the gang and good luck x
Re: What days do you fast?
23 Apr 2014, 17:57
Thank you CandiceMarie! My name is a childhood nickname, from having frizzy hair (thank goodness for hair straighteners these days!)
Re: What days do you fast?
26 Feb 2015, 05:41
monday/wednesday for me :)
Re: What days do you fast?
08 Aug 2015, 15:06
I'm doing 4:3, I fast on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I's because I train on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and I cannot do that in fasted state (heavy weightlifting sessions). On these days I try to eat to my TDEE. Sunday is my free day.
Re: What days do you fast?
17 Aug 2015, 07:51
I try to do it on day when im not going to be in the house, away from temptations
Re: What days do you fast?
17 Aug 2015, 10:52
hello and welcome @SonnyJim sounds sensible to fast away from temptation. Perhaps you could drop a wee note into the Introduce Yourself thread and tell us a bit about yourself, and get the full force of our friendly welcome. Your post may get a bit lost amongst this thread.
Re: What days do you fast?
12 Oct 2015, 11:55
I fast during Sunday because I am alone at home. I just rest and watch tv.
Re: What days do you fast?
14 Oct 2015, 20:22
I normally stick to Monday and Thursday, but if there are special occasion that force me to juggle things around, I don't have a problem doing so.
Re: What days do you fast?
15 Oct 2015, 09:42
Monday as its great to start the week on a roll! (or without one if you catch my drift) ;)
Re: What days do you fast?
15 Oct 2015, 11:44
I am fasting today and wanting the time to pass so that I can eat my supper! Therefore I checked through all the 14 pages of this topic to look for my answer. I did not find it!!! :bugeyes:
that is weird because I remember what I wrote!!!
I maintenance fast on Thursdays. If I do twice a week it'll be Tuesday and Thursday. I know MM in the book recommended Mondays and Thursdays, but I cannot do Mondays. Because we have a social event on Mondays, which includes food. It would be too awkward to say 'no' every Monday.
I have been doing this for years now, and sometimes I do Alternate Days Fasting, or 4:3 or an eating window. But when doing the honest 5:2 it is Tuesday and Thursday for me.
Re: What days do you fast?
21 Jun 2017, 12:09
I fast everyday of the week.

I keep it up for 20hours a day and allow myself a "cheat" day on Saturday. I still won't eat anything in the morning, but will allow myself a longer period of "food consumption" on this day.

So far I have been overwhelmed with the results and I am full of energy without any hassles.
Re: What days do you fast?
21 Jun 2017, 15:10
Congratulations, @DidiToit, and welcome. How long have you been using 20:4 windows and how is your weight loss going? I used 5:2 for losing my weight initially - four years ago! Now I use a few days of fasting if I creep over my target weight and rarely have breakfast on any day. It keeps me more or less on my target of 147 pounds. Love this WOE (Way Of Eating)!
Re: What days do you fast?
23 Jun 2017, 07:10
I usually fast Tuesday and Friday, that's my busy day.
Re: What days do you fast?
23 Jun 2017, 21:12
Hello, @Madmily. I have fasted on Tuesday and Friday this week, although Monday and Thursday are my more usual days. That's just one of the things I like about IF. You can do it whenever it suits you best! :smile:
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