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Re: justdee's progress
19 Jun 2016, 23:10
talk about a long term goal?! :razz:
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Re: justdee's progress
10 Jul 2016, 22:36
Time for an update. The last few weeks I'm not really sure what I've been doing. Week 3 of the BSD kind of went a bit off track. I didn't go crazy but didn't stick to 800cals, still low carb and I think under TDEE. I found it really hard to eat carbs and still do. I had pasta one day and got a stomach ache from hell, not bothered with pasta since and don't think I will again. The stomach ache has put me right off the stuff (can't be a bad thing).
Since week 3 I've had days that I stuck to 800cal and under 50 carbs (BSD) and days that I've had upto 1000cals and under 50 carbs. I've had a few days that went over that on cals and carbs but I don't think over TDEE. I think I'll stick to what I'm doing at the moment. It's very doable and I'm happy with the speed of the weight loss.
In the last 3 weeks I've had a 1lb gain, the next week was just over 2lbs lost and today I'm down just over 2lbs again. Today I weigh 166.2lbs. Really happy about getting under my 12st (168lbs) sticking point.

Start weight: 186 lbs
After week 8: 176.4 lbs
-9.6lbs in 8 weeks on 5:2/4:3

BSD start weight: 178.6 lbs (weight after non-fastday)
After week 2 : 169.6 lbs (just under 3.5 lbs lost this week. 9lbs lost in 2 weeks)

After 3 weeks of a more relaxed BSD : 166.2lbs (3.4lbs in 3 weeks) (ok, can now see how much relaxing the plan has slowed the rate of loss. I should have lost that in a week. I think I need a rethink :bugeyes: )

Total weight loss in 13 weeks : 19.8 lbs (1 stone 5.8 lbs)
Re: justdee's progress
10 Jul 2016, 23:39
Hello JD!

Cor, it's been all go this end - I haven't known if I've been coming or going just lately with various commitments - so I haven't managed much time on the forum. Have read, but not posted...

Anyways, thought I'd swing past to say very well done! In just the same way that @tracieknits mixes it up so successfully, you are doing a fabulous job experimenting with ways of eating that you can sustain and fit into your lifestyle. Your review of what you've been doing was most interesting on the stats front, wasn't it? Talk about onwards and downwards eh? The wonderful thing is, you are still in a great mindset - however you mix it up.

I've decided we should dispense with the "just" part, Dee....and insert "totally" instead! Henceforth, I shall be referring to you as "TD"....coz there's no "just" about you! Look what you're doing on here! Running the summer challenge....going around awarding stars and encouragement to your fellow challengers, plus losing weight all the time....not bad, I say!! It is a joy to read your posts.....

Unusually for me, I'm going to keep this brief (believe it or not, this is brief for me!) coz it's past midnight. I'll write more tomorrow, but in the meantime, keep doing what you're doing, TD, coz like you, it's totally brilliant!
Re: justdee's progress
10 Jul 2016, 23:53
The most successful diet is the one you can live with. This shouldn't be about speed, it should be about healthy changes you can live with that don't leave you feeling like you're missing out on life. While @Hazelnut20 was incredibly inspirational, persevering through all 8 weeks of the BSD like a superstar, that doesn't mean her approach is for absolutely everyone. If what you're doing is comfortable for you and you are losing weight, why not stick with it? Of course if you're comfortable being stricter, go for that too -- in the end, there's no *wrong* way. Well, maybe gaining is the wrong way ;-)

You should keep in mind that weight will come off more slowly as you get to your goal. I'm not sure what Pernelle's weight was before she lost so many pounds, but at 166, your weight will likely come off more slowly than 2 pounds a week. Sad but true. I'm still just above 200, so 2.5lbs per week is still reasonable for me. But I know that once I lose more, it's going to start slowing down.

In the end, you need to do the plan that you feel you can do without too much hardship :-)
Re: justdee's progress
10 Jul 2016, 23:58
oh aren't you lovely Pernelle @hazelnut20. Put a smile on my face you did xx. Thank you so much for your kind words, you've helped me get to where I am and kept me in this great head space with encouraging post like that. You're a :star: mi'dear. Hope your week is going well. Drop by tomorrow and let us know how you got on. Wishing you a good weigh in, although the scale really doesn't matter after all your habit changes, you got this hun. Sleep well Zzzzzzzzzz

I agree with all you said @Tracieknits, sooo true :like:
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