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8.2 kilometre jog this morning in the grey windy dawn. Start the year as I mean to go on. Not many folk about that early, but there was a wonderful young couple also jogging,but with plastic bags. They were litter sweeping along the quiet back road. Not in a National Park, an AONB, or National Trust property, just a minor road in the Eden Valley. Great to see and a great example.
~25k bike ride on my new bike yesterday. Today it will be strength training, if my poor sore shoulders can take it!
10,000 steps. I'm just off to the Walking Tent to write all about it.
I've jumped to conclusions- does that count?
janeg wrote: I've jumped to conclusions- does that count?

And I've run amok! :lol: Seriously, back to the gym this morning for a Total Tone class followed by Aquacize!
Did my morning walk too.
I also have done my morning walk, to the lakeside and back. I love the fact that we all live in different parts of the globe. While Sallyo was far too hot on her walk it has turned frosty here. the snow and most of the ice has gone now. We are eagerly waiting for some more snow. The ice covered walks were nerve wracking. One day I did not go out for my daily walks because of the ice..... We get icy walks with the changeable temperatures, ie, first the ice packs down and then it melts slightly and then freezes again. Deadly. But today is a lovely day for my afternoon walk, due in 1,5 hours.
I did my Penrith periphery walk (about 8 miles). Well I jogged long stretches of it to get it over with. Then did my errands and came home. 50 minutes to wait before I eat.
Today I have been to a Pilates class and checked out a couple of gyms, as I am thinking of trying to do some strength training. May go for a walk in a few minutes, although it is fairly chilly here now that the sun's gone down.
5:45AM boot camp workout. My goal is to do 4 workouts a week at the boot camp studio and also to get back on my treadmill and start running again 3 days a week. I'd rather run outside, but I don't like the cold weather!
11km run this morning, and 2 dog walks of 5kms. I just love being outside no matter what the temperature or weather.
I've run an eBay shop :grin:
Oh I had hassle with Poppy today. I've just looked and Ive only walked 649 steps...oh dear!
Bean :oops:

There's always tomorrow :wink:
I did my first jog of 2015 this morning 25 minutes. Hope to do at least one more this week weather permitting.
I'm not stalking you @Brand-ie...honest! Have you been a runner for some time?
Just wanted to say that I managed to do a 45 minute Power Yoga Workout this morning and feel great for it! Bye bye bingo wings, bye-bye fat!
Bean :starving:
@nursebean of course not :lol:

I started the NHS coach to 5K programme in march last year and completed it in october ( didn't do much in the summer hols). So now I try and jog at least twice a week for 25 minutes.
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