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HIIT! The full 20mins.
Oh well done @Brand-ie I've heard thats quite good that NHS course. I look forward to hearing your progress. Running gives you a great buzz afterwards doesn't it. I used to be a member of a running group for a short while...many moons ago but I think I'd best stick to yoga for now
:wink: :starving:
I did 20 mins on the Cross Trainer at level 6. It's been ages since my last session and it was really hard. I have been walking a lot (8.5 miles on Sunday) but I need to either Cross Train or run to make a real difference and the weather today was too drizzly to tempt me outside.
Thanks to @debinapril for starting this thread :like:
I did some gardening, does that count? Just cutting back dead stems and branches, not exactly strenuous but the bending and stretching must have burned off a few calories. It certainly made me feel good.
Early morning boot camp workout done! 2 days in a row & I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I'll be back for 2 days at the end of the week! :victory:

Came out of the boot camp studio at 6:30 or so and it was snowing like crazy! Roads were quite slippery too. Not a fan of this time of year. I want to get back out on the golf course!

Have a great day!
Zip so far today, but I participated in my Strength Training class yesterday--.8 mile round trip walk yesterday to get there --does that count? And the day before I was inspired (by boredom) to do a second video aerobics routine at home. Cold weather in the 2 days will probably keep me in and then there's ST again on Thursday, no matter how cold it gets! :razz:
I am booked to go to circuits in an hour and a half - this will be my first session in nearly a month and to be quite honest I am feeling quite nervous!
I walked two and a half miles, some of it quite briskly! :grin: It was quite mild and the sun was shining. Everywhere was so muddy that I had to stick to the (single track) roads but it was OK, even though my husband wasn't able to join me. That's four walks in four days - something of a record for me! :smile:
Yesterday was too grey and drizzly in the morning to set off on my planned walk so I went to town instead and clocked up about 7000 steps by going a very long way round to get from the car park to the pharmacy and back. Later in the afternoon I got over 12000 by walking The Village Round of about 1.25 miles, 25 minutes brisk. By then it was bright but there was a cold, biting wind. @marybeth your 8 mile walk definitely counts!
I don't have my fitness tracker with me here but I did a couple of miles yesterday and today it is so miserable I went on the treadmill instead and did 3 miles first thing.
This morning was fine so OH and I went for a walk at Bedgebury Forest, it is owned by the Forestry Commission (surprise!) and has a network of hard tracks, ideal for this time of year. We had a brisk 5.5 mile walk and according to my Fitbit I have done just under 15,000 steps.
@Barbarita I'm sorry I didn't make it clear--that's only 8 tenths of a mile one way to exercise class! :oops: (darn tiny little decimal point!) 8 miles in one go would be a feat indeed :grin:
Miserable wet day here so no walk for me but have already clocked up over 12K Steps at 2pm after an hour's dance class followed by 45 mins aquacize.
Managed a rather brutal circuits class last night and have bums n tums tonight - am sure I will be really feeling it tomorrow!
@Callyanna - way to go woman!
Grey and wet again today so my friend and I postponed our jog until tomorrow when it is supposed to be sunnier, if as windy. I saw 3 women runners during my walk, so that shows what a wimp I am. OH dropped me off short of town and I road walked through 2 villages for about 5 kilometres and then an indirect route to the car. Over 10000 steps by the time we had finished in Sainsbury's.

@marybeth my legs are better than my eyes. Decimal points, huh!
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