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Re: Anyone in the US?
24 Nov 2016, 12:40
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm headed to Florida to see my family. It'll be nice to get a little sun and some extra exercise!
Re: Anyone in the US?
24 Nov 2016, 16:38
Happy Thanksgiving! I have lost 3 pounds this month. :lol: First time in over a year! :grin: I still do 4-3 but I switched to eating windows on my non fast days and this seams to have worked! So now I'm doing 16/8 Sa,T,W,F and 4-3 M,TH, S. I don't count calories (hate it) but with an eating window along with 4-3 it is working for me this month (we will see how the holidays goes). I love how flexible this lifestyle it!
Re: Anyone in the US?
07 Dec 2016, 16:05
Happy December! I'm down another pound!!! I'm the lowest I have been in 5 years.. so exciting! I am doing 4-3 and an eating window on days I'm not fasting. Have a great Christmas everyone!
Re: Anyone in the US?
08 Dec 2016, 12:16
Great job, @Canoegal! Keep up the good work! Happy Holidays to you too!
Re: Anyone in the US?
08 Dec 2016, 12:18
Great job, @Canoegal! Keep up the good work! Happy Holidays to you too!
Re: Anyone in the US?
08 Dec 2016, 22:29
Lori wrote: Hi everyone!

I'm in Pennsylvania. I don't really remember how I stumbled upon 5:2, but I do remember seeing DR Moseley's show on PBS. I've tried IF before, but never had the patience to make it a way of life. I'm at the point now where I'm very fit from 2 years of boot camp workouts, but still not liking the number on the scale. 30-40 lbs off would suit me nicely, but I'm not in a hurry. I feel strong and healthy and just need this layer of fat gone. I'm actually leaning more toward 4:3 or even ADF to get myself in the groove. It has been slow....only 2 lbs in 3 weeks, but I'm headed in the right direction.

Let's keep up with each other here and check in with our progress, questions or concerns. I love an active forum!

Yah want quicker results !?

Try the 16:8 regime , or even better the 20/4 !

I seem to recall losing around 12lb in the first 14 days of so ... and around 2lb a week after that ...
Re: Anyone in the US?
30 Dec 2016, 16:16
I lost another pound .... and it was over Christmas! Have a happy new-year everyone!
Re: Anyone in the US?
31 Dec 2016, 11:55
very impressive, Canoegal!! I am up a little, but hopefully when I get back to my normal habits next week, it'll go away quickly!
Re: Anyone in the US?
15 Jan 2017, 02:38
Happy 2017.. Here is to a great year! I hope you all are doing well!
Re: Anyone in the US?
28 Jan 2017, 16:34
Oh my goodness you guys I'm down another pound!!!!!! I'm only 6 away from my goal!!! I love 5-2 (or 4-3). I'm doing 4-3 with a eating window on my non 4-3 days. I'm so happy
Re: Anyone in the US?
04 Feb 2017, 03:15
Hi, so, who is up for Superbowl Sunday? I don't even like football (but I sort of understand it after all these years) and I must be the ONLY one not interested in the commercials - though lots are waiting for Lady Gaga - BUT, we had a relatively dry January and I was looking forward to Sunday for a couple of drinks and chicken wings and then some !! Sort of sampled the alcohol a bit early - anyway, it should be a good day and a chance to relax and enjoy and not worry about cals, carbs or anything !!!

What are you all planning??? I KNOW you are planning something !!!
Re: Anyone in the US?
04 Feb 2017, 14:37
I'm a South African living in the US, and even after 19 years, still not interested in football or the commercials. However, I have to say, I religiously followed FSU's football when my offspring went to college there. She recently graduated, I'm still a FSU football fan, without watching the games, if that makes sense :)

I'll be tuning in on Sunday for Lady Gaga though, I do like her and her music. And perhaps I'll have an adult beverage as well, since I've been real good not drinking in the week for the last 3-ish weeks.
Re: Anyone in the US?
04 Feb 2017, 17:41
I honestly think I'd rather have a colonoscopy than watch the superbowl. Even my husband isn't interested. He says he used to enjoy football, but now all he sees is people getting concussions.
Re: Anyone in the US?
05 Feb 2017, 13:33
I am a football fan and a Patriots fan, so I am excited for the Super Bowl. I will be going to a party and hopefully not overdoing it too much on food/drink. Going to try to get a walk in today at least! I like the commercials, but not into Lady Gaga, which is good, because that will give me a break from the TV! I also run a little box pool at work, so that's fun too!
Re: Anyone in the US?
05 Feb 2017, 18:28
Have a great time @cblasz - go Tom Brady! - believe me, no one would rather have a colonoscopy :beer: :pizza: :usa: :drink:
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